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Catamaran Mateus Portela

Departure: Contact the agency (depend on the tide)

Return: 06 to 07 hours after departure.

Departure: Port of Tatus, 1 hour before departure.

Low season: Only Saturday and Sunday

High Season: Daily - (January, July, December).

Included: Fruit snack, lunch, casquinha de caranguejo (crab cone) and live music.

States visited: Piaui and Maranhao;

Route of Tides

Enjoy the best of the Delta do Parnaíba, sailing smoothly aboard the catamaran Mateus Portela. The catamaran has an excellent structure that meets accessibility, comfort, safety and moreover, was built in order to concern for the environment (Single vessel of the region with solid waste box).

What was traditional, now counts on an exclusivity, in the exchange between the day trips, an experience every day. During the tour, good music, fun, and information are guaranteed beyond the provision of differentiated service. Come check!


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How to reach the port of Tatus:
The departure of the tours by speedboats, yachts and catamaran is the port of Tatus, which is about 15 minutes from Parnaíba. Note on the map below for a route traced out the historic center of Parnaíba - Porto das Barcas (Agency Clip Ecotourism) to the port of Tatus (Port where leaving the boats).

General conditions:

1 - In our vessels is not permitted the entry of sharp objects and beverages, pets, except guide dogs with vaccination card;

2 - Children up 05 years old are free, 06-10 years pay 50% (bring birth certificate)

3 - Transportation from the hotel (agency) to the port of Tatus: Not included (if necessary, ask for prices for the service, we insert in your package).

4 - What to bring: Camera or camcorder, suncream, hat, sunglasses, light clothing, bath towel and etc.

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